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About Us:

Payments without Credit Cards.
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We accept payments via Western Union/Money Gram only. We don't accpet Paypal, AlertPay, MoneyBookers or Credit Cards.
The fast service of Western Union and Money Gram are very convenient and secure! Simply find an agent near your location by clicking at the links below, go to the agent, give them our payment receiver information and send the money to us!. It’s Time saving, cost effective as well as 100% secure… 
At present, we only accept payment with "bitcoin".
you can buy BitCoin via online using your Credit/Debit Card very easily online
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there are some charges for us for this merchants service
you can select your currency as btc when you interested to pay us in bitcoin


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Established in August 2002, Kenway Sartaj Worldwide is relatively 10 years  young organization, specializing in manufacturing and export of vide variety of decorative Handicrafts, Handcrafted costume and Fashion jewelry besides Catholic Church Items. Being a young enterprise, we are in tune with the latest technological knowledge and infused with invigorating ideas. Dynamic in approach with a better understanding of the modern mentality, we are capable of capturing the pulse of the customers through the fascinating variety of our products.

We are formally and legally registered in India, and have received export license from Govt of India and possess all requisite accreditations required to do legal business in India.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified since last 4 years and strongly believe in Process driven Total quality Management.

Birth of www.indianfashionmart.com :

Indian Fashion mart is specialty arm of KenwaySartaj worldwide, which exclusively manages our vast range of Costume and Fashion Jewelry.

Exotic and brilliant, our collection of jewelry products is made from various base media such as brass, wood, base metals, glass, stones, bone, horn and Glass beads.

Power of Online Technology:

www.indianfashionmart.com is one of the pioneers to start the online sale of wholesale jewellery from India in 2006 and with initial success, we pushed its website to the next level by integrating 3 stores - Online Web store, Bulk order Catalogue and Virtual Products Store in one website.

Today, www.Indianfashionmart.com owns the most user-friendly and full-functionality fully automated web store  and continues to add more and more features to it.


Quality is not just a relative term for us, we try our best to observe all  relevant measures to maintain the standard of our products in compliance with the international parameters. Quality being an integral part that is associated with every aspect, from the procurement of the raw material, processing, chemical testing to designing, polishing and final touch is rigorously maintained with strict testing and verification procedures.

Inspite of the fact that all our products are hand made or with manual  procedures , still our quality is at par with machine made products . Apart from aspects related to the products, we lay equal emphasis on the high quality of services provided-customization, safe & in-time delivery of products that determines the overall success of the deal. This facilitates in establishing a positive professional relation with the client involved in the consignment.

Infrastructural Potential:

Our products which are composed of variegated raw materials require different processing and production techniques and thus certain identical infrastructural specifications. Inspite of Being handicraft Industry, Our production unit is equipped with the Required  machineries that facilitate different manufacturing processes such as cutting, chiseling, polishing and fixing of embellishing materials with precision and deftness.

Manufacturing of large quantity materials to meet any sudden surge in demand is regulated by adequate provision for inventory facilities.

Our Team and the Philosophy:

We have endeavored to inculcate the six highly acceptable universal values, viz. spirit, pride, determination, commitment, passion and integrity in our workforce through various training sessions under trained professional that is believed to make a person excel in whatever he does.

These are not mere words but a philosophy that our organization follows and has achieved a remarkable success in attaining job satisfaction and increased efficiency among our human resource.

Exquisite Craftsmanship:

Our products are unique pieces are an outcome of   highly creative mind of our designers and trained hands of our artisans. The designs are innovative and are available in such large varieties that it suits every interior decor, occasion and complements both traditional and modern outfits.

Mesmerizing and enthralling is their pattern and motifs carved on them. Embellished with beads and engravings that adds extra airs of beauty are real aesthetic excellence.

Excellence in customer Satisfaction:

By emphasizing latest quality fashion product and service  www.Indianfashionmart.com has become one of the highest ranks in wholesales fashion online industry. We are continually growing and serving more new users while retaining existing customers simultaneously. Thanks for all customers support which is the greatest motivation to our business.

Our Esteemed Clientele:

Our captivating ambit of products have received wide acceptance and appreciation not only from domestic buyers but equally from the international market as well. The high grade of products and services offered are the traits that accounts for the prosperity of our enterprise. Our Customers are located in about 40 countries. You can visit Testimonial section to see what our customers say about products and services.

On line Information  and responsive Communication:

The detailed information regarding our products and the services offered by us is adequately displayed at  help desk section of our website www.indianfashionmart.com. In case you need more information, please write to us customerservice@kenwaysartaj.net or send us enquiry through Bulk order catalogue , we shall get back to you with appropriate details at the earliest.

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